All the action from the 2016 AGM / Golf Presentation Night.

KellMac Trophy Winner Peter Robinson (R) receives his award from Chris Kellett (L).  Note that Ray McCard was not called to the stage to help present his KellMac Trophy.

Jeff Pike winning the Northern Hydraulic Trophy, as he steals a kiss from former wife, Chris Pike.

Alan Hincks (L) collects the Clovercrest Hotel Trophy.

Jeff Pike receives the Buscumb Trophy from Captain Dave Wilmshurst.

Ray McCard (R) receives the Memorial Team Trophy, as the Chairman's Team was victorious over the Captain's Team.

Colin McPhedran (L), just can't wait to collect a heap of golf balls in the Eagles Nest.

Colin Hincks (R) also picks up an Eagles Nest.

Warren Smith (R) winning the Dinning Trophy.

Dave Wilmshurst (R) - 300 Games

Wayne Best (R) - 300 Games

2016 Club Champion, Brett Stewart (L)

What a year!  Peter Robinson (R) wins the Most Consistent Award.

Singles Champion, Darren McCard (R), spent way too much time talking about his chip off the path on the 15th hole at Murray Bridge.  The video will be available soon Randy!

2016 Pairs Champions, Warren Smith (L) and Peter Robinson (R).

2016 Pairs Runners Up, Alan Hincks (L) and Colin Hincks (R).

Dave Larcombe (L), only the second person to be awarded Life Membership!

Warren Smith, collects the Dinning Trophy from Ingrid Dinning.

Chris Kellett (R), receiving the Captain's Trophy.

The Captain decided to add a piece of his own magic to the Captain's Trophy.  Not sure what Chris Kellett will do with this, but I expect it to turn up sometime next year!

Peter Robinson collects the Fourth Avenue Deli Trophy.

Yes, there was a lot of love in the air!  Jamie Hill and Dave Wilmshurst share a very special moment.

Jamie Hill (L), winner of the Getaway Trophy.

David Larcombe (L), receives the Chairman's Trophy from the Chairman, Ray McCard.

Mark Symes (R), most NAGA's award.